Penguin on the television.

zevons asked: This blog is the light of my life! May love and joy blossom in your garden (or maybe something less uncomfortably conceptual, like nice tomatoes and rhubarb).


This is SO NICE. Thank you, friend.

amelie-thebeatles-lover asked: Hello (: I LOVE your blog, it's one of my favourites. I'm a huge Monty Python fan so your blog is perfect! Where do you watch the episodes? (:

Hello! Thank you for your nice words.

I watch them on dvd sometimes, this clunky old dvd set from, like, early 2000s (I think it’d been rereleased since then, in better quality). I also have the entire series on my computer (torrented) because it’s easier to gif from avi files than dvds. 

Now if you and your pal had one big wish, Trevor, what would you like to see on television?